Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video Diaries: Sawyer Grace

I have been trying to upload videos of Sawyer onto youtube so I thought I'd post some on the blog! You can always go look at my videos on My username is AggieMrs. Here are some videos of my sweet Sawyer.
The first video is when Sawyer was 13 days old

I hope to continue adding video of Sawyer to the blog! Check back often :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Big 25!

Sawyer coming early completely made me forget to blog about my 25th birthday! I was 9 months pregnant and a little uncomfortable, but still had fun! :)

I started out my birthday celebration with pokeno at my house with the girls! Ginni brought me a cake! :)

And I stole this one from Lauren…I just can't believe how huge I look!
I will remember myself looking like this on my 25th birthday
 Then the next day, on my actual birthday I had my church baby shower! That night Casey took me to Medieval Times! I had always wanted to go there and Casey said we were "saying goodbye to my childhood" since I was turning 25 and it was my last baby-less birthday!
Casey gave me the diaper bag that I wanted for my birthday!
It was pretty expensive so I don't think I would have gotten it otherwise :)
The next day we went to my grandparents house after church for more birthday celebration and our annual Easter Egg hunt!! :) I always have a special cake that represents that year - so here is year 25!
The Easter Egg Hunt!! Casey had a bit of an unfair advantage since he could run and I was 9 months pregnant so I allowed myself a 3 minute head start! :)
counting and opening our eggs!
I made more money than Casey - beat him every year! ;)
 I had a GREAT birthday thanks to thoughtful friends and family!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Father's Day

Casey's first Father's Day was June 19th. Sawyer and I tried to make it extra special for him. :) We spent Friday, the 17th at my grandparents house where we fished in the morning and swam in the afternoon. Casey caught two fish, I caught one, my Momma Sheila caught SIX and my mom caught zero. Haha! Normally my mom catches the most fish, but not this time. Mom and Momma Sheila went inside early to play with Sawyer who was being kept by Pappa Donnie & my Uncle Russell. I gave Casey, Uncle Russell, and Pappa Donnie their Father's Day presents. Uncle Russell and Pappa Donnie each got a couple of Father's Day pictures from Sawyer's Father's Day shoot. I made a book on Shutterfly for Casey with pictures from her first month and the surprise Father's Day pictures. He loved his book and it will be fun to look back at in years to come.
When it was time to swim I put Sawyer in her adorable little swim suit (she has 3, haha!) and matching hat! I put sunglasses on her, too, but they are actually the sunglasses that match a different swimsuit! Anyway, we took her for a little dip in the pool, but she was crying before I even got her in so she didn't stay outside long. She needed a nap :) She looked adorable though and we got some cute pictures. :) 
 haha, and then she started crying so we took her back inside. She was probably outside for only 5 minutes or so. Haha! 
 Haha, the glasses were hard to stay on :)
 Father/Daughter Love <3
My mom made homemade icecream while my Momma Sheila made some hamburgers. Casey and I hung out in the pool eating strawberries until it was time to eat lunch! Casey did flips off of the diving board and we had some fun playing a bit of pool volleyball. 

The next day Casey and I did some shopping for his new suit! He ended up getting a fitted, dark gray suit with pin-stripes from Express along with two new dress shirts. It looks great on him! That purchase was part graduation/part Father's day:) I need to take some pictures of him in it, but until I do, here is the picture of the suit off of Express's website. Picture Casey in it with a light purple shirt (he got one purple and one white one). 
The next day, Sunday, we went to eat at Mi Cocina in Rockwall after church. I gave Casey his homemade card and a little Father/Daughter book that he saw when I was pregnant. I bought it way back then and saved it for Father's Day. He's already read the whole thing!
See Sawyer next to me? I forgot to get a picture of just her and Casey!! :(
 I would say he had a pretty good 1st Father's Day! :) 

I love you very much, Casey! I am blessed to have you as my husband, and Sawyer is super blessed to have you as her Daddy! You rock! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mavericks: We are the Champions!

I love the Mavericks. I have loved them since I was a little girl. In elementary school I went to the Dallas Maverick basketball camp and met Derek Harper and he signed my Maverick basketball and picture of himself. Later, I became a huge fan of Dirk when I was in high school and saved Dirk paraphernalia such as magazines with him on the cover and a Dirk marionette doll that hung on my dresser mirror for years.

On June 20, 2006, I was at the hospital waiting on my nephew Caleb to be born. Minutes before we got to see baby Caleb the Mavs lost to the Heat in the final game.

This year I watched every playoff game on pins and needles hoping that we could manage to make it to the finals again. I LOVED watching them sweep the Lakers. Those were still my favorite games. It was like when the Rangers beat the Yankees, but better. When we played the first few games against the Heat I knew that it was going to be tough, but I never lost hope (like Casey did!). I really thought we were going to pull it out! On Sunday I said over and over that we were going to win game 6. Sure enough, we did, and it was awesome! Scott and Erin were in town and staying with us. When the clock ran out Casey, Scott, & I ran around the back yard banging wooden spoons on pots and pans. It was fun. Scott fell down and that made it even more fun. :)

I talked Casey into going to the airport with me on Monday to greet the Mavericks. We waited an hour or so in the blistering heat until they landed! We cheered them home and it was a lot of fun. Casey and I were even interviewed and shown on channel 4 news.
 Mavs man and Champ
 Champ getting us to cheer
 It was funny…this van was in our way and we all started chanting together "move that van! move that van!" over and over and finally this guy came out and moved it! We were like an angry mob. :)
The trophy!! In the excitement of it all I didn't get very good pictures of anything...
 MAVS man!
 The trophy again
 Casey getting interviewed - I thought to take a picture of him, but he didn't take one of me :(

Here we are on the news!! :)