Monday, December 2, 2013

Some Stuff Sawyer Says…

Lately Sawyer has said some of the most hilarious things and I just want to make sure I right it down so that I can look back and remember :)

One day we were going over the really tall bridge that goes from Hwy 30 Westbound to 635 South and Sawyer yells out "Momma, we're so tall!!!" Then when we got off she said "Momma, now we're short!"

We went to visit a friend's baby and Sawyer said "That's McKenna's baby. Momma, I want one." I guess Dayton isn't little enough for her anymore, ha.

I eat Chips Ahoy cookies and Sawyer always refers to them as "Momma's cookies." No other food in the house is referred to as "Momma's" or "Daddy's," but she knows the cookies are serious business. ;)

Sawyer will open the fridge and say, "Ummm…How about a chocolate milk shake?!" She just recently started to talking to us like she's an adult using words like "umm" and "like" or phrases like "how about."

Lately she tells us things from her baby doll's perspective, "Momma, my baby wants me to drink some milk." or "My baby doesn't want me to go to sleep yet."

When we just mention giving Dayton a spanking (which we do not do yet) she says very vehemently "NO! Dayton's too little to get a spanking!!" She gets very protective of him.  I like it. Sometimes I pretend he needs a spanking just to get her worked up a little, ha ha.

Sawyer sings constantly and always combines all her favorite songs together: ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, & Ring Around the Rosies. Her favorite song to dance to is The B-I-B-L-E.

She cracks me up on a daily basis! :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Officially Potty-Trained Toddler

Man oh man, have I been waiting on this!! Sawyer Grace is officially potty-trained and it feels so good!! It was more hard work for her Momma & Daddy than it was for her! Ha! Now she goes days without accidents and takes naps in big girl underwear and hasn't had any accidents during nap so far. She wears a diaper at night, but so far she gets up when she needs to use the potty and her diaper has been dry. We're just giving her a little while to adjust, but we're probably about to take the plunge and just put her in her big girl undies at night, too! She is super proud of them and prefers them anyway.
Sawyer wants to do everything herself in the bathroom from getting on the potty to washing and drying her hands. She is super independent and very proud of it. 
Good job, baby girl! We are so happy we don't have to spend $40 bucks a month on your diapers! ;)