Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Costume day at school
Mary had a little lamb…and it was the cutest lamb EVER!
c|Life trunk or treat! 
Cousins' trunk of treat!! 
 little lamb and the superheroes!!
 trick or treating with Aubrey on Halloween!!
with our cute little girls! :) 

Sawyer had a ton of fun on her first Halloween! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just some favs of my fav…

Just a few favorite pictures of my favorite little baby...
look how much hair she use to have!!
6 weeks old… 
7 weeks… 
one of her first real smiles :)
11 weeks… 
smiling constantly!
16 weeks… 
holding her head up and rolling over so well!
4 months… 

getting her helmet
20 weeks… 
5 months… 
much more mobile and eating baby food!
25 weeks… 
loves trying new things!

6 months… 
such a joy!
what a cutie (pumpkin) pie she is…

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Six Month Old Sawyer Grace

My sweet sweet girl is 6 months old. I can't believe it. Times goes by so, so fast. I never realized it before I had a child of my own. And now, time is going by in super-sonic speed. Fortunately, I feel like every stage of Sawyer's babyhood is even better than the stage before it. She is an absolute joy and I am so glad I was blessed with this awesome baby girl. I love love love her to death. So, here it goes…

  • Sawyer sleeps all night long (still) and gets up around 8:00am most days
  • She takes 2 or 3 naps a day for around an hour or an hour and a half
  • Sawyer recently started rolling over from her back to her belly! So now she rolls over and over and over until she moves all around the living room floor. It's funny and cute watching her do this! I guess I'm going to need to baby proof (or at least keep the floor clean!) before she even crawls!
  • Sawyer has also started sitting up without our support! She can sit for about a minute before she gets so excited that she starts moving all around until she falls over. She never really cries when she falls over unless she falls on one of her hard toys.
  • Sawyer loves playing with her toys and will even roll over in order to get close enough to grab one that is out of her reach.
  • When Sawyer is sitting in her bouncy seat or car seat and I come to pick her up she starts kicking her legs and squealing! It is so cute and I love that she is so excited to see me!
  • Sawyer has been eating baby food once a day every day for a couple of weeks now. So far she has had sweet potatoes, sweet peas, and green beans! She loves to eat and eats almost all of it every time. I think it has really helped her bulk up in the last few weeks. 
  • Sawyer has 2 teeth and she gives us big smiles to show them off. :)
  • Sawyer wears 3 month clothing and it fits her well.
  • She is wearing size 1 diapers, and I can tell she is growing out of them quickly!
  • Sawyer still loves bath time and kicks and plays in the water.
  • Sawyer enjoys buggy rides at school and likes to watch the other babies in her class.
  • She attended her first birthday party at school - her friend Lawson turned one and she even wore a birthday hat in celebration!
  • Sawyer went on her first vacation to the cabin in Oklahoma with the Coats/Carroll side of the family! She had fun playing with her cousins and also had her first train ride and first time to swing on the playground! She loved it!
  • Sawyer had her first night away from her momma this month. I had a night away with friends while Sawyer spent the night at home with her daddy!
  • Sawyer is still a little chatter box. She does a lot of talking at home and in the car! We love hearing her sweet little voice.
Sawyer's Weight Progression:
23 weeks - 12 lbs 12 oz
24 weeks - 12 lbs 15 oz
25 weeks - 13 lbs
6 months - 13 lbs 6 oz

Growing like a weed…

Saturday, October 8, 2011


On September 4th, Sawyer got really cute :) Haha, I'm just kidding - she's always cute, but on this particular day I decided to dress her really cute for church. And afterwards, we took some pictures in the back yard (hence, my silly title).
showing off her super cute dress and shoes


My cutie pie