Sunday, April 25, 2010

Husband, Friend, Son, Youth Minister, Student, etc. etc. etc.

This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband, Casey Coats. You may know him as a friend or the youth guy at church. I know him as the hardest working husband in the world.

He works
and works
...and works.

This past weekend was the 14th Annual Micah Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament. It is a tournament dedicated to raising money for the youth and children's ministries at our church. Casey heads it up and did a great job! There were 25 teams and most teams had 4 people. So that makes for around 100 golfers. Casey made sure there was lunch and dinner for these people as well as trophies, prizes, and silent auction items. He worked his tail off before the tournament, then played in the tournament, then worked on cleaning up, etc. He even had to go back up there today to wrap up some stuff.

The reason I am writing about his hard-working-ness is because he had all that to do this week and the tournament on Saturday and he still managed to do the following today: 1) get up early for church and at the building by 8am. 2) stay for all 3 morning services. 3) navigate a family (that's a part of our membership process) after the 11:30 service. 4) help me put paper on my walls at school. 5) go back up to church for the 4:30 service. 6) teach a high school cg at 6pm after the 4:30 service. 7) come home and write two papers that were due tomorrow for his seminary classes. 8) walk the dog (this he did because he needed to relieve some stress and get some relaxation). 9) take a shower - I don't know about y'all, but after all that I'd be too pooped to even bathe myself. 10) spend some time watching a little tv with his wife.

Now, if you don't think that's a hard worker, I honestly don't know what is. He has got to be in the top percent of hard workers in the world. I would truly be willing to bet on it. He is always working around the house, on school work, or stuff for church.

I love him so much and soooo thankful for the hardworker that he is. I have NEVER had even the faintest doubt that my husband would provide for me. I love that.

I love you, babe. You're doing a good job. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Easter Sunday was great with an awesome service at c|Life and then fun with Casey's family at his grandmother's. We had lunch and dessert and then Caleb had 2 Easter egg hunts - one in the yard and one in the garden room! Here are some pictures of our fun!

Fun with Uncle Casey!
Caleb dropped half of the eggs as he picked them up! It was funny!
Easter Hunnies 2010
More egg hunting!
We hid them so they would blend in! Sneaky Mimi and Auntie Lo!
After the egg hunt we had a rousing game of "jelly bean bingo!"
More fun with Uncle Casey - very entertaining, and sometimes even scary!
It was a great day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Par-tay

The night of my birthday, Casey & I, along with 7 of my favorite friends went to Bucca di Beppo for dinner! Casey rented the Pope's room because he knows I've been looking forward to sitting in their someday. It is private room with a huge, round table that has a massive Lazy Susan in the middle to pass around the family-style dishes! And I, being the birthday girl, got to sit in the Pope's chair! It was much fun!
Lauren & Lauren
Cain & Melina
Ginni & Charlie
Laura & Jenna
In the Pope's chair! Haha!
My love & I:)
Look at those funny candles! I thought it was pretty neat :)
With my not-so-tasty cupcake that I thought was more like a giant muffin!
Laura, Lauren, Jenna, & Lauren
Luckily Casey bought me these awesome Sprinkles cupcakes and so it did not matter that the Bucca muffin wasn't good! ;)
With the balloons that Casey got - so sweet :)
Playing Apples to Apples
it was fun and at times, very funny!
Thank you Casey for throwing me a great party! :)
He even put up a banner!
Sorry that was picture overload, but I wanted to document it well. Have a great night and a terrific Friday!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet Students

Just a cute picture of two sweet girls in my homeroom that got all of 6th grade to sign this poster they made for me!
Did you see how at the bottom it says "Age is just a number" ?? LOL. They are ridiculous. =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turning Twenty-Four

On April 2nd I turned 24. Sounds soooo old. Not a fan of that part.

24 was good to me though, and it started with a party at my grandparent's house a week before! Chili's for lunch, opening presents, eating cake, and an Easter Egg hunt to close it all up! Good times!

Here are some pictures from our day there!

There were 24 eggs...Casey found 13 and I found 11. He beat me in that way, but when it came to opening them - Casey got $23.10 and I got $23.30! I beat him by twenty cents! Haha!

More birthday pictures to come!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can You Say Pokeno?

In case you were wondering...
"Pokeno® is a game that is a combination of poker and keno, though it is pretty much like playing Bingo with standard playing cards. Pokeno® consists of game cards similar to Bingo cards that feature pictures of various playing cards. In basic Pokeno®, there are five squares across the board and five squares down, for a total of 25 squares. With a deck of cards at hand, cards are flipped over one at time and each player who has a board with that playing card pictured places a poker chip over the square. The first player to have five squares in a row is the winner."

We have played Pokeno for 6 months now! Our first game was the first Friday in October, 2009. We started with 5 girls: Laura, Ginni, Jenna, Natalie & Myself. Since then we have added Melody, Rachel, and Lauren. That makes for a total of 8 - although we've never had all 8 there at the same time before! Our first game night was at my house in October where Laura & I co-hosted, then Natalie's in November,  Ginni's at Christmas, Rachel's in January, Laura's in February, Ginni's again in March where Melody hosted, and this month its back to me and Lauren is co-hosting!

Last month we had Pokeno at Ginni's house! Here are a few pictures from our fun night!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am soooo excited about c|Life's marriage retreat that Casey and I are attending this weekend! Notes on that to come=)