Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Day (Our 8th and Sawyer's 1st)

This year we did Valentine's just a tad bit smaller due to the fact that money is a bit tighter with me staying home part time. I woke up to Casey making me muffins and with a bouquet of flowers and presents on the table in the kitchen. :)  Sawyer also had a few treats from us - nothing too much since she doesn't have a clue what Valentine's Day is, but nevertheless she got a rose and a card from her Daddy and a little pink sock monkey from me. She seemed happy about it. :) During the day I helped Sawyer make Valentine's for her Daddy and her Mimi & Poppy. Mimi and Grandmother came over that evening to keep her while Casey & I went out to dinner at Gloria's followed by seeing The Vow at the movies! It was a fun date! Here are some pictures from our 8th Valentine's together & Sawyer's 1st!
playing with her rose during breakfast:)
Don't worry…this card isn't as mean as it looks. The inside actually said, "I know you really put up with me" or something like that.
Us at the movies:) The light is always too bright for Casey. :)
Happy 8th Valentine's Day to my sweet sweet, hubby. I love you soooo much. And happy 1st Valentine's Day to my sweet sweet munchkin, Sawyer. We both love you soooo much. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facebook Hiatus

My phone sometimes gets in the way of life. 

So, from February 22-April 8 I am abstaining from Facebook. This will greatly lessen the time spent on my phone (and computer). I typically get on my phone at home, work, school, red lights, out to eat with friends and family, while waiting in doctor's offices, etc. etc. etc. Some of those places are appropriate places to play with your phone, but most are not. I realize this. I didn't realize it recently. I've always known it.

That's why I'm staying off of Facebook a while. Facebook is definitely the #1 app I use on my phone at most of the places listed above. Sure, I make phone calls, text, play games, and use Instagram, but not anywhere near as much as I check Facebook. Even if I'm not adding anything about myself I check the news feed compulsively. It's kind of ridiculous. 

What's more ridiculous is that I really miss Facebook. It's only been 5 days! I still have many weeks to go. Are you kidding me?? How am I going to make it if I already miss it? Kind of crazy. There have been many times already where I think of something that I'd like to put up as a status. It was absolutely killing me to not be able to put pictures of Sawyer & Casey on my Facebook from their daddy-daughter dance at church. I will certainly have to blog about that, by the way. And the other night, Sawyer pulled up in her crib and I was dying to put it on Facebook. I even kind of "cheated" and put it on Instagram as a screen shot so that my 50 or so friends on their could see what she did. And they called me out on my cheating, too. Haha. 

What did we do before cell phones and Facebook??? I can hardly remember. I knew my friends well and no one else. Now I can tell you what a girl I sat next to in one class at A&M had for dinner the other night. That's pretty crazy. I don't even really know her. Isn't that kind of weird?

Anyway, I'm hoping that my 7 week hiatus from Facebook will help me to really be present when I'm at home, work, school, driving, and spending time with friends or family. I'll admit that even I've been annoyed with me when I'm on my phone at dinner with friends. That's what the picture at the top is all about -- 6 friends that went to dinner and left their phones on the table the entire time. They lit up and beeped and all that, but no one looked at their phone until we all got up to leave. Thank goodness someone was actually wearing a watch (who does that anymore? Ha, just kidding). 

Wish me luck, friends. Most of you that know me well know that I love me some Facebook. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picture Catch Up!

I'm sooo behind on blogging about my precious little beauty, Sawyer. This post will be picture heavy with short captions! I figure that you guys are all okay with that, though, since she's so cute. ;)
(Her hair looks so long and different here)
(She loves this car & even cried the first time we took her off of it!)
(and a little fun with a hanger)
(playing with her rose from daddy)
reading her card
 Instagram pic
Homemade Valentine for Daddy!
(and caught on camera! For the longest we would see her on her monitor sitting up, but she would be back down by the time we got in her room! So, I took a picture of the monitor!)
(I'm on the back right!)
She CAN hold her bottle, but prefers not to. :)
(This is one of my Daddy's favorite outfits--he loves the shirt)
More blogging to come soon! I still have a lot of catching up to do on some major events and new things going on in the lives of the Coats Family!!
Stay tuned!