Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11

I was 15 and sitting in biology when I first heard about the twin towers. We were actually listening to the radio when the second tower was hit and heard the terror in the radio announcers voice and I also saw it on my teacher's face. That is forever etched into my memory. So is the patriotism that followed in the next few weeks and months. Flags everywhere.

Tonight while I was on the highway about to go over the lake in Rockwall, I passed many people standing out in the heat holding American flags and waving proudly to all of us driving by. These people reminded me of the pride I felt after 9/11 when America seemed to suddenly burst into red, white, and blue and 'God Bless Americas.' I pride myself in being patriotic (so much so, that I tear up when certain songs play during a 4th of July fireworks display). Looking back, I think 9/11 is what shaped my patriotism. I'll never forget working at Chick-fil-A when 2 policewomen ordered and their meal rang up to $9.11. One of the women looked at her partner when she saw the total and said, "Oh wow. Let's take a moment." And they did. They stood right there in front of me with their heads bowed. I admired their respect. 

I'll also never forget people ordering "freedom fries" instead of waffle fries. Haha. That was a bit funnier to me, but I appreciated the sentiment.  Some of those things seem silly, but I'm sure we all have similar moments that we remember happening after 9/11. 

I'm thankful to these people who decided to sweat outside today and hold flags over the highway so I could be reminded to be thankful that God allowed me to be born in America. 

God bless America!