Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sawyer @ 19 months

Our big girl is 19 months! Can't believe it!!! The time is a flying'… 
  • Sawyer is a funny little girl! She makes us laugh all day whether it's her silly dancing (she knows how to do so many different kinds of dances it's unreal, haha) or her running out of the room continuously yelling "bye!" with her hand behind her back waving to us, or her peek-a-boo's with her blankie! She is so sweet and we love her to death. We think she is going to be such a sweet big sister because she already adores babies and holds her arms out to hold them. We were in Wal-mart not long ago when she saw a baby in a car seat and started yelling "baby! baby!" so we finally took the cart over there just so she could see. Haha. If zoo's were filled with babies, I think she'd enjoy that more than the animals. :)
  • Sawyer still loves Elmo and watches Sesame Street a few times a week. She dances to the music they play and will smile when Elmo comes on the screen. Every time I grab the remote she starts saying "Elmo? Elmo?" It's cute and makes me feel bad if I don't put it on Elmo. Haha. 
  • She still loves playing with her dolls and feeds them with her little doll bottles and pushes them around in her little doll stroller. 
  • Sawyer adores Casey and loves to rough-house with him. He throws on the bed, chases her around the house, gives her pony-rides, and hangs her upside down. She loves it all!
  • We think Sawyer is already a little athletic! Haha! She LOVES to kick or throw any type of ball and has actually gotten quite good at it! She gets this funny determined face that we laugh at. It's cute:)
  • Sawyer still loves Lucy and says "ruff!" anytime she barks. She also goes over to her and gives her hugs and lets Lucy lick her hand (although I wish she wouldn't do that part, haha). She likes Ella, too, but usually abuses her so I have to hold Sawyer back so Ella can escape, with her tail still in tact!!
  • Sawyer still loves to go outside and I feel badly for her when it is cold out because she will say "outside? outside?" and it's just too cold to let her go run around out there. I'll be looking forward to better weather for my toddler. 
  • She is still a momma's girl and I enjoy it :) When it comes to bedtime she wants me and will push Casey away. It is kind of funny!  He knows she loves him, though :) She freaks out when he comes home - always standing at the back door when she hears the garage open saying "DA DA!!!" :)
  • Sawyer is still a fan of bath time. She loves splashing around and playing with all of her little squirt toys. She also has a bath book that she "reads" every time she's in the tub.
  • Sawyer runs, skips (in a funny sort of way), walks backwards, turns in circles, and does somersaults. She is very active physically. She hardly ever just wants to sit still (unless she is tired or doesn't feel well). 
  • She now gives hugs & kisses on demand - I LOVE THIS of course ;)
  • She is in size 3 diapers and mostly 18 month clothing. She wears size 4 or 5 shoe (depending on the brand). She is around 32 inches tall (maybe a little taller than that - that was last month's measurement) and I'm guessing around 22 pounds or so, but that's a total guess! She still has 16 teeth, but has been cutting some more in the back for a couple weeks now - it has resulted in some not-fun diapers…hoping they break through soon.
  • She names many different body parts…nose, hair, teeth, eyes, ears, mouth, feet, toes, belly button, hands, knees, etc. She has also started taking off her clothes and putting them back on - not always successfully, but pretty close :) She is obsessed with her shoes. If there are some laying around she WILL bring them to me to put on her. And lately she tries herself and insists in walking around with them half-on/half-off and on the wrong feet. :) 
  • The vocabulary boom has been fun!! She will try to mimic most words I tell her, but I don't put them under her "current words list" until she says them on her own ;)

Sawyer's current words (around 40 or so and I'm sure I'm leaving some off):
  1. Momma
  2. no (she has stopped saying this as much – thank goodness!:)
  3. Dada
  4. Daddy
  5. Lucy
  6. dog
  7. ruff!
  8. Elmo
  9. baby
  10. bottle
  11. outside (this one sounds so cute:)
  12. uh oh
  13. thank you
  14. Ella
  15. meow
  16. door
  17. ow
  18. woah!
  19. weeee
  20. poo poo
  21. hi
  22. bye
  23. Poppy
  24. Mimi
  25. ball
  26. boo!
  27. bo bo (but she's talking about her belly button…haha)
  28. bow (for her hair:)
  29. go
  30. keys
  31. banana
  32. cheese *new obsession with this word
  33. shoes *new obsession with this word
  34. book *new obsession with this word
  35. bubbles *randomly figured out she knew this word the other day when she pulled a container of bubbles out from under the sink and just started saying “bubbles!” over and over again…I didn’t even teach her that! It’s crazy, people. Kids are amazing little sponges.
  36. bless you (the other night I was up with her and she was sneezing over and over and I said “bless you” each time and finally she turned around, put her finger on my nose and said “bless you!” Adorable!!)
  37. milk
  38. cup
  39. blankie
  40. Braden (the little boy I keep 2 days a week)
  41. slide
  42. swing
Pictures of Sawyer from the last month… 
On her 19 month birthday!
little thief ;)
still a huge fan of Elmo! 
loves herself some goldfish 
 Pumpkin Patch! 
 picking out our pumpkin!
 She loves to color!
Her first carved pumpkin!
she kept patting it like it was a baby or something, haha 
She now loves to sit in her glider with a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals and "read" them a book ;) 
 Daddy had her dressed like a hobo in her Halloween costume at G-Momma's trunk or treat!
Lola & Sawyer at Dayton's baby shower! I think they could easily pass as sisters! 
helping me open brother's gifts :) 
Sawyer in the pram (old timey baby carriage!)
c|Life's Trunk or Treat!! 
LOVE this one :)
cutie little cupcake! 
 She loved Elmo, but wouldn't let him hold her :)
Daddy is a lot of fun :) 
Trick-or-treating on Halloween with Momma & G-momma! She actually went up to the door and held her bag open :) Next year will be even more fun!!  

She loves to feed her babies:) 
Braden & Sawyer love the dog crate, teehee…
One Friday I played hooky and we all went to the park together :)
This was such a fun day!!!
Morning Elmo while momma gets ready for church!
 It's not a complete post without a breathing treatment picture!
 Sawyer sandwich!
Still a fan of bath time! 
I'll let it slide this once, Sawyer :) 
she has gotten to where she really gets to going on her rocking horse!! 
Shopping with Momma Sheila! 
Always a good time on the way home from church! 
Miss Independent putting on her own shoes! 
We love you SO much Sawyer Grace! The last month has been FUN! You are such a sweet heart and you fill us with joy everyday. Can't wait to see what 19 months holds for you (maybe a little brother!!)!