Friday, August 23, 2013

8 Months of Dayton

This little sweetie pie is already 3/4 of his way to being a year old! I say it every month, but I really can't believe it. :)
This month he learned to…
get up on all fours and rock back and forth
sometimes there's even 1 little crawl in there. He's so close!

1st tooth starting to pop through - can't see it, but you can feel it with your finger!!
time to stay with Mathis & Ginni for the day!
time to stay at Natalie's for the day

His favorite things this month:
Momma :)
baby food

Things he hates this month:
when he first gets buckled in the car seat
diaper rashes…seriously.

His sizes this month:
6-9 months
9 month pjs
size 3 diapers (same as sister, haha)

New places he has been this month:
Mathis' house
Natalie's house
El Fenix

Important events this month:
Mathis' 1st birthday and party! We had fun!
Pappa Ronnie's birthday
Pappa Donnie's birthday

Sunday, August 11, 2013

7 Months of Dayton

Dayton is an easy, laid-back baby boy at 7 months old. He is very happy and laughs a ton! He loves to roll around and grab toys and is super content to do this for a solid hour while I fold clothes or do another chore with him in the room. He is always well-behaved in the nursery at church and with Ashlee, our babysitter, which makes me feel much more at ease thinking of putting him in Mother's Day Out two days a week starting August 27th! He'll be 8 months at that point!
This month he learned to…
sit up great unsupported! *my favorite accomplishment so far

4th of July!
First time to meet Memaw Horton - his 93-year-old great, great grandmother!
Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A!

His favorite things this month:
momma, no doubt ;)
Soothie paci

Things he hates this month:
Ear infections! Poor kid can't catch a break from those darn things!
sometimes he hates when we first put him in the car seat

His sizes this month:
6-9 months
Size 3 diapers - he & Sawyer wear the same size - how funny is that!?

New places he has been this month:
Cotton Patch Cafe
ASI to watch Sawyer's gymnastics

Important events this month:
For his first 4th of July we went to my Momma Sheila's and swam, fished, pet the horses, and had homemade ice-cream! That night we went to Harry Meyers Park in Rockwall to watch the fireworks! It was a great day!

Favorite pictures this month: