Friday, December 28, 2012

She's 20 Months!!!

I've been saying it for a long time now because ever since I got pregnant people asked "how for apart will they be?" and I've been saying "20 months" for what feels like ages! And now it is here! And she really is 20 months old! Ahhh! That sounds so old to me. I cannot believe she will be TWO YEARS OLD in less than 4 months from now! Geeze, where does the time go?!

Here's a quick update on Sawyer:

  • Her vocabulary is booming. I can't even give you a list of words because she says just about anything I tell her to say. She will try repeating just about every word. And she uses some of them, again, later, on her own. She has also started putting words together to make little sentences like "I need bow" or "I want Momma" or "I want cheese" or "Wanna go outside?" It's cute & we love it :)
  • She's in a size 4 diaper and completely ready to potty train. She tells us when she has gone 'poo poo' or 'tee tee' and will grab her diaper. She also knows what the potty is. She knows to flush it, and she knows toilet paper goes in it. The only reason I haven't gone with this full-force is because the baby is about to be here and I didn't want her to completely digress if I lost time to focus on it, or whatnot. I'm still not sure what life will be like in a week or so and I didn't want to add another thing to my plate just yet. We will get there shortly. :)
  • She's pretty much in the right size clothing now - size 18 months…usually fits well but too big in the waist. That's just gonna be how life is for her because she has a tiny waist and bottom and long, lean legs.
  • She absolutely loves to go outside. Almost annoyingly so, haha. She will cry when we come back inside. I'm telling you she LOVES the outdoors. 
  • She still loves to dance and I think this might be something we 'put her in' when she is just a little older. She just loves music and turns circles and the whole thing.
  • She's eating a little bit more, but still super picky. At least what she likes is mostly all fruit and veggies!
  • The girl loves herself some milk. We go through several gallons a week! Too bad milk isn't cheaper!!!
  • She is such a little momma. She loves her babies and almost always has one that she is feeding, kissing, hugging, holding, or covering with a blanket! I can't wait til she opens her Christmas presents and sees a few new baby dolls and also some baby accessories! She will love them!
  • Still a fan of Elmo and Sesame Street and is starting to watch it for longer periods of time (like 10 minutes) before she gets bored and runs off :) She usually gets her Elmo and dances around with him while they play the opening song. Super cute!
  • Sawyer gives hugs and kisses more freely now and you can pretty much always count on a goodbye hug and kiss! LOVE it! :)
  • She is still a Momma's girl and wants me for most "tired" activities like cuddling, going down for nap or nighttime, and reading books.
  • She loves rough-housing with her Daddy! She still gets super excited when he gets home and runs around squealing for a few minutes. :) She loves to play with him and get thrown around (which I don't do much of).
  • Sawyer knows who Santa is and will point to his picture. She is also pretty in love with Christmas lights and will point out the window and say "oooh, pretty lights!" So cute. She also has "her" ornaments on the Christmas tree and takes them on and off pretty much all day. ;) You can tell her to go get her ornament and she knows exactly what to do, haha. The rest of the ornaments are up pretty high. ;)
  • Sawyer loves animals. Unfortunately we got rid of both Lucy and Ella this month & Sawyer cried and looked for them for a little while. I got part of it on video. It was super sad…she looked under the table and down the hall saying "Lucy? Ella?" It almost broke my heart, but I think she's forgotten about them for the most part now and I know having a little brother will take her mind off of it for sure. ;)
  • Sawyer sleeps 11-12 hours at night and 2-3 hours during the day. Love that nap time has gotten a little longer lately! It's been good for this tired, pregnant Momma! ;)
  • She got her 1st hair cut!! Eekk! Her hair is so straight and just reminds me of a scare crow so we went to get nipped a little to see if it would help it calm down some, and it did for a while, but now it seems to look about the same as before, haha. I think it just needs to get a little longer in order to lay down a bit. :)
Here are a few favorite pictures of the last month as Sawyer went from 19 to 20 months old…
playing in brother's car seat ;) 
Before her 1st hair cut…
 During her 1st hair cut…
 After her 1st hair cut…
story time
 OMG… adorable in her little robe!!
 Her 2nd Thanksgiving!
 Momma Sheila & Pappa Donnie - great grandparents
 Memaw Horton - great, great grandmother - age 92
 Papa Ron - grandpa
 Coats on her 2nd Thanksgiving!
At Bass Pro to see Santa!
She LOVED everything at Bass Pro!!!
Thanksgiving (a few days later) with Casey's side!
Here we are watching the cousins play football in the yard :)
Trying to get a great grandkid picture with Grandmother!
I need to post all of the pictures we got of this because it was hilarious and this is the best one, haha! 
 Mimi & Poppy with their 4 grandkids!
 Reading with Daddy
 oh goodness…
because of this there are now childproof locks on those cabinets ;)
 She actually fell asleep in the car and let me put her in the grocery cart! So funny! She woke up after about 5 minutes of shopping.
Rockwall's Christmas Tree Lighting!
 Lola Lou's All Girl Christmas Party!
Sawyer loved decorating cookies!
 cuddling with my girl :)
 Sawyer organizing rocks at G-Momma's house
 Prowling while waiting on the ENT doctor…
 She loves swinging with her babies :)
 Such a weird thing to do while sleeping.
Casey said it reminded him of me ;)
 Daddy took her to get her flu shot and she really enjoyed the sucker!!
 Playdate with Braden!!
Eating yummy sprinkle-covered marshmallows!
 1st Pigtails :)
I love all of the following pictures…
She was dressed cute after church so we wanted to get some pictures of her in front of the Christmas tree. We kept telling her to smile and say "cheese" and she kept saying it and putting her hands in the air- I'm not sure why she did that part but we thought it was funny :)
Playing in brother's room 
 Pretty eyes :)
We love you sweet girl!!!