Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sawyer's Surgery

We woke up early on Monday morning--5:30am to be exact--and got ready and put Sawyer in the car in her pjs. She wasn't allowed to eat before the surgery and we knew they were going to take her clothes off anyway, so why switch out of pjs and get her all awake when she would just be hungry?! We got to the hospital at 6am and checked in. They gave us a pager so that we would get minute by minute recaps of the surgery. Apparently they do this for parents of young children and while I really wasn't nervous about this little procedure I was still glad to have the pager! :) They took us back and had us change Sawyer into an adorable little Loony Tunes hospital gown. She looked so cute, I had to take a picture!! At about 6:55 they took her away from us and she didn't even make a peep about it. Such a good baby! The nurses, doctor, and anesthesiologist had already come to visit her a bizillion times so she was pretty use to them by that time. So Casey & I went into the waiting room and got a little page at 7:04 that the surgery had started. I kid you not at 7:14 we got a little page that the surgery was complete! 10 minutes was all it took. At about 7:20 the doctor came out and told us it went well, that she had fluid behind her ears that he removed, and that she would be waking up soon and they would come get us. At about 7:25 the nurse called us back and as we were walking back I could hear her screaming her little head off. She was not herself! The gas was still wearing off and she was acting like an insane person…screaming, wild look in her eyes, throwing her head back, arching her back, etc. Not my precious little baby. It kind of freaked me out but Casey kept saying "that's what it feels like to come out of it." I was thinking "what?! I have never behaved this way when I've come out from being put under gas." Granted I've only been put under when I got my wisdom teeth out, but it was the same kind of gas. I did not act like that. I don't know what Casey is thinking. Haha. But anyway, I know she is a baby and that she was scared so we just held her and dressed her and stayed for about 10 minutes and then headed home. She did not calm down much in the car. It helped with the back-arching and head-throwing, but not the screaming. Poor child. The goal was to drive around a little and get her to go to sleep because she was obviously super exhausted and we had already tried feeding her and she wouldn't eat. Eventually she started throwing up mucous in her car seat though (because of all the drainage that she was causing due to the crying…) so we quickly drove home! We got her home, changed her, and I rocked her for maybe 5 minutes before she was out. We put her in her bed and she slept for 3 hours! When she woke up she was like our old baby - sweet and happy, but hoarse (from all the screaming). She is still hoarse today…it's funny because even her laugh is a lot deeper. Kinda cute. She is on tylenol and some ear drops for the next few days, but hopefully after that no more ear-infected baby!! And I'm definitely hoping she's good and healthy for her 1st birthday!! I have been in planning mode for that lately and I can't wait! It's going to be a lot of fun (for me at least!) ;)

Here are some cutie pictures of her at the hospital. 
They turned Sponge Bob on for her, but Casey seemed more interested in it than Sawyer. :)
She's like…"Please no, it might hurt!"
Some Instagram pics!
To prove she felt better quickly, here is a video I took after her 3 hour nap of her pulling up and trying to say "thank you" (the newest word we're working on).

What a sweetie! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sawyer's getting tubes...

My sweet Sawyer is getting tubes put in her ears this coming Monday. Casey & I are both so ready for this to take place. Our poor child has had 10+ ear infections between the 2 ears. It is crazy and ridiculous to have that many at only 11 months old. Her first ear infection was a double ear infection at 3 months old. She has had about 1 ear infection every month since then (that was July 2011). She even had one last week when we went out of town for spring break. Poor baby! It made me so upset that she was sick again while we were in another state!!! I hated being that far away from her when she was not feeling well. She was vomiting, had diarrhea, fever, ear infection, and wouldn't eat! That's probably the 2nd sickest she's ever been and it was while we were away. I told Casey I'm not going skiing next year, and if I remember how I felt this time I probably won't! Ha. Luckily, it seems my memory is not too great post-pregnancy. I think God does that to you for a reason…so you don't remember all the awful sicknesses and feelings you felt when your baby was sick! It's just too much and then you'd never leave the house. :) So, anyway, she is getting tubes Monday morning at 7am at Rockwall Presby. It will only be about a 20 minute procedure and she will have anesthesia through gas. When I got tubes at age 4 they didn't do anesthesia and all I had was a serious amount of cough syrup!! I still remember waking up and it hurt! Not horribly, but it still did hurt. Poor baby inherited my small Eustachian tubes. My mom has bad ears, too. My grandma says it's a Rowan thing (my grandpa's side of the family). Apparently Sawyer inherited my waxy ears, too. Haha. The doctor and I talked about this today at her pre-op appointment. He said it probably was genetic. Funny. We have to clean her ears constantly and they are still waxy! Geez! Also today he said she still had fluid in her ear. He seemed even more certain that we were doing the right thing by getting the tubes. He thinks the infections clear up but that the fluid isn't ever going completely away. I'm glad we are taking care of this and that she'll be able to hear correctly afterward. I can't imagine only ever hearing as if you are under water. It's amazing she says as many words as she does with that happening. Smart girl. :)

In other news, I am just killing time right now before Casey & I leave to go see the midnight premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES! Sawyer is spending the night at my mom's and Casey is taking a pre-movie nap right now. Am I crazy for having to work tomorrow morning? I haven't announced this on the blog, but I keep twin 16 month-old boys 2 days a week and I am keeping them tomorrow!! It is like I have triplets on those days and tomorrow I'll have "triplets" after only 4 hours of sleep! Oh my!!! Then tomorrow night we have Casey's cousin's wedding to attend! No sleep for me! Maybe Casey will run get me Starbucks tomorrow ;)

Okay, I'm gonna go wake Casey up now and head to the theater! Woohoo! So excited and I know Casey is too because it's his first movie after reading the book and it's his first midnight premiere! Yay! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Eleven Month Old Sawyer Grace

SHE'S HUGE!!!! The girl is growing fast. I am starting to get a little sentimental thinking about this last month of her as a true baby. 1 automatically sounds out of the baby stage and into the toddler stage. Noooooooo. It can't be so. This stage is a ton of fun, but I just get a little teary thinking about how fast she is growing up. If the first year goes by this fast, I know she's going to be 16 and back-talking me in no time! (Sawyer, if you're 16 and reading this…remember that it makes Momma sad when you're not respectful) Haha. :)

  • Sawyer still puts a smile on my face at bedtime. She goes down without a fuss and stays down til morning. She's still taking two good naps during the day as well.
  • Sawyer is crawling all over the place and is now doing the hands & knees crawl.
  • She has started pulling up on me, in her crib, and on some toys. She usually just pulls to her knees, but sometimes gets all the way up to standing. 
  • Sawyer has hit a new high with baby food! She has started eating like a champ. In the past few days she has eaten 2 containers of baby food plus a bottle at every feeding. 
  • Sawyer has 8 teeth! 4 on top and 4 on bottom. She has more teeth than any other 11 month old I know!
  • Sawyer still loves clapping whenever I say "yay" or "clap." It's so cute and she smiles so huge when she does it. :)
  • She is still "dancing" when music plays on one of her toys. It's super funny and she is getting better at it. Total white girl dance though. ;)
  • Sawyer still wears 6-9 month clothing and size 2 diapers.
  • She still loves bath time and is looking forward to swim lessons this summer! :)
  • Goodness gracious Sawyer is a momma's girl. She almost jumps out of other people's arms to get to me! It's sweet, but I wish she'd at least let her dada hold her a little longer. My arms get tired. :)
  • Sawyer points at things and people now and also understands to look wherever I am pointing. I am working on counting the numbers 1 & 2 because those are the fingers she can hold up on purpose when I do it. :)
  • Sawyer is saying "ma ma," "da da," "bye bye," "uh oh," and "dog" on purpose. She also babbles "God" but I know she doesn't know what that means yet. :) Sawyer will point at Lucy and say "dog." Super cute!
  • She has really started playing with her toys. She puts balls into the holes they belong in, she beats her little drum, she hugs her baby dolls, and she pushes button and spins the spinners. She really enjoys play time these days. 
  • Sawyer had her first big stay with grandparents this past week. Casey & I went skiing in Colorado and Sawyer spent 5 nights away from home! 4 nights with G-Momma & Momma Sheila and 1 night with Mimi & Poppy! She got super sick with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, red/sore throat, and an ear infection while we were out of town. :( I almost worried myself sick about it. So glad my mom took her to the doctor and got her some meds! By the time we got back she was already on the up & up. Whew! Thanks to all her grandparents for taking good care of her while we were away! :) I will say she came back a little bit spoiled, but I guess that's what grandparents are for…;)
  • Sawyer's hair is growing super fast and I think it will be long enough for her first pony tail by her first birthday! We shall see ;)
  • Sawyer is still a smiley girl, although she has definitely become a bit more shy when her momma is holding her. She will look at someone and smile and then bury her head in my shoulder. Funny & cute. 
Sawyer's Weight Progression:
10 months - 17 lbs 6 oz
11 months - 17 lbs 8 oz

Our little sweet pea!
We love you sooo much Sawyer! We are going to have such a blast during your last month of being a little baby under 1 :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going Private

I'm going to make the blog private on Friday so if you would like to keep reading please comment with your name & email address. Or, you can privately email me @ lauren08aggie@yahoo.com with your info. Thanks! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dance 2012

c|Life hosts a daddy-daughter dance every year and this year Sawyer & her daddy made their debut! :) Casey said they had a great time on their first date! :) I had a good time, too, treating myself to a manicure and pedicure with my free night off. :)
Here are some super cute pictures I took of my two loves before they left the house. Notice that Sawyer is even wearing a tiny little pearl bracelet with a cross pendant. So cute!
The picture from the dance! Such a big smile! :)
Sawyer is so lucky to have such a great daddy that loves and adores her so much! I know they are going to have many years of fun daddy-daughter dates in the future. :)