Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Galveston Girl Trip!

In July, Lauren and I had a blast visiting Rachel in Galveston! Rachel already blogged about this with the same pictures, so I'll make this one brief :)

Here Rachel is getting stuff ready to head to the beach! :)
 The doggies I played with while I was there - the black one, Zeus, is my favorite :)
 For Casey ;)
 On the strand before dinner
At dinner at The Spot!
 Hanging out at the Hilton - we snuck into their awesome pool ;)
 Lauren & Rach
 the pretty Hilton pool
 The last night on Kemah Island
The three of us on the last night! We had a lot of fun, Rach! Thanks for letting us visit! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Green Thumb

On May 9th, Casey and I started a garden in our backyard. It started with just a patch of grass that we tilled up, planted, and bordered with stone. It ended up being very fruitful (no pun intended:).

Here is the patch of grass
Ella checking out our work ;) I think she approves because she loves laying in the garden even now.
By May 18th we were already seeing sunflower and cucumber seeds pop up!
sunflower seeds starting to sprout up!
cucumber seeds sprouting up!
June 19th - our first pick! A big, red tomato!
The next few are from July 10th.

the sunflowers eventually got way taller than me or Casey!
cucumber vine
 As you can see, the garden took off quickly! This picture was taken exactly one month and one day after we first started tilling the land! Wow!!!
After being on mission trip for 7 days we came back to a garden pest!!!
A tomato Hornworm!! There were 10 and they were huge!! See the red stinger?
Casey was so scared of them he wore gloves ;)
 They butchered our tomato plant...
 a half-eaten tomato. Their bellies must've been full!
More veggies picked on July 24th.
Picked on July 30th.
Since then I've stopped taking many pictures, but we've picked many more jalapenos, cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers! We actually picked a really big bell pepper yesterday! It's pretty neat having a garden and seeing things grow in front of your very eyes! :) Next year we hope to grow even more fruit and veggies!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Lucy had her first birthday this past June, and I forgot to blog about it! Haha! So, this post is dedicated to her! What a sweet doggy we have! We love her to death! :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucy! You're now 7 in dog years! Yay!
My little Aggie dog :)
funny sleeper
doggie driver
calm and collected boat dog
 little swimmer
 sleep with your tongue out...
 doggie model ;) 
 sloppy kisser
 snow lover
 Christmas puppy - you even have your own stocking! ;)
 loved by all :)
To many more doggie birthdays!!!