Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scare Me Silly…

Last night around 4am Sawyer scared me to death…

I went to check on Dayton because he was crying, and I noticed Sawyer's door was wide open (she sleeps with it closed), so I went in to check on her and she wasn't anywhere in her room. Then I walked around the house saying "Sawyer! Sawyer!" using the light from my phone. She didn't respond, and I didn't see her anywhere, so I went and told Casey that she wasn't in her bed and that I couldn't find her! I thought that someone must have come in and taken her! (My mind goes to the worse place, I know). I also thought that maybe she had somehow gotten out of the house (she recently learned how to open the gate to the fence in the backyard and gotten out while she was playing, so I thought maybe she had learned to open one of the doors to outside). 

We started turning on lights and there she was laying on the couch completely asleep. She never woke up even when Casey picked her up and put her in her bed! So funny. Wish I could know how long she had been asleep on the couch…There were some toys around her like she'd been playing with them in the pitch black and then fallen asleep. We should have taken a picture.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

27. Really?!?!

My birthday has come and gone, but I want to put the pictures up, so I might as well blog about it. I turned 27 on April 2nd. I am married, have 2 kids, and am almost done with graduate school, so I felt pretty old this birthday. Not too old, but still old, haha. (It always helps that Casey is 3 years old than me though…so while I turned 27, he was already 30…that makes me feel a bit better;).

As always, we went to my Momma Sheila's & Pappa Donnie's in Mabank for my birthday party. I always get a neat cake that has to do with something big that happened that year (for example, the year I graduated from A&M it was all maroon and Aggied out…my first year teaching the cake looked like a classroom had exploded on it, with rulers and apples and abc's all over it. You get the point). So, anyway, this year my cake had my babies on it! It said "Happy 27th birthday Momma   From, Sawyer & Dayton" My own name was not on my birthday cake. Instead it was replaced with "Momma" and my children's names made it onto the cake. Haha. So typical of having kids - do other mothers agree with me?! Oh, and we celebrated the day before Easter so it was fitting to have bunny rabbits and Easter eggs. :)
We always take a picture of the 3 of us on my birthday!
4 generations of Tapp, Rowan, Horton, Coats women :)
Uncle Russell & Dayton :)
my Mom got a tripod and was a little obsessed with capturing a group picture :) It turned out well!!
All of those presents really for me?! Can we say only child & only grandchild? ;)
On my actual birthday I had 2 birthday meals! The first one was lunch with my mom & Casey & the kiddos. I didn't get a picture with my momma. :(
The second was dinner with the Rickersons at Zanata's! YUM. We Coats & Rickersons always celebrate each other's birthdays with dinner with the 4 of us. :) It's always a fun time!
Casey also took me out to a fancy date at Sissy's!! I had been wanting to try it for sometime and he surprised me! I loved it!!! The food was so good and the decor was super cute. Thank you, babe!
I also had a celebration with Casey's family! We go out to eat for everyone's birthday and it's always a lot of fun. This year for my birthday we went to Campisi's at the Harbor in Rockwall. We had yummy cookie cake afterward! Everyone came back to our house and the kids had a blast hanging out in the backyard playing.
Me & my girl!
No smiling from her, but still pretty :)
cute nephew Caleb!! 
 Steph & the twins, Luke & Sadie!
 I think these pictures are cute because Sawyer is being shy, but loves her cousins! It's written all over her face :)
Sawyer may be Caleb's biggest fan!! 
Aunt Stephanie & Dayton!
cutie after his bath:)
After posting all of the pictures and writing about it, I've decided that 27 was a pretty great birthday! Geeze, am I spoiled! Did I really have FIVE birthday parties/lunches/dinners?! Lots of family, lots of celebration, and 2 super sweet kiddos this year. Bring on 27!! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 Months of Dayton

Dayton is such a happy, laid-back baby! He laughs and smiles easily and rarely cries (I hear from others that he cries occasionally, but for me, he's easy as can be!). He is growing so fast and recently I went through all of his clothes in his dresser and closet and came out with 2 diaper boxes full of clothes to give to Goodwill and 4 boxes full to give to my friend Alycia, who is having a baby boy in September! I cannot believe he is only 5 months old and I am already getting rid of 6 full boxes of clothes! I kept 1 box for myself of his newborn clothes, hats, and pjs that I couldn't part with. Every kid needs a box of clothes to open when they are expecting their first child! I loved getting a box from my mom and even Casey had his own "going home from the hospital" outfit that we were able to put on Dayton. So fun. :) 
Dayton has become a mover, so capturing his 5 month picture was a bit more difficult! As a result, it's a little blurry. Oh well.
This month he learned to:
roll over from his back to his tummy (he now rolls both ways!)
May 17th - first time to have rice cereal

swing in an outdoor swing at the playground
rice cereal
formula (still on breast milk, but also supplementing with formula)
overnight without mommy!! (I went on a retreat and left the kiddos with Casey)

His favorite things this month:
Big sister, Sawyer
the jumperoo/exersaucer!
his baby swing
his paci
toys, rattles, teethers
ice cube pops!

Things he hates this month:
getting stuck in between the slats in his crib at night!
the car seat, but only sometimes

His sizes this month:
3-6 months clothes
3-6 month pjs, some 6-9 months pjs--had to put away some of my favorite pjs of his:(
newborn or size 1 shoes
size 2 diapers

New places he has been:
Pancho & Lefty's!

Important Events:
celebrated my 3rd Mother's Day and my 1st Mother's Day with Dayton! (Technically I was pregnant with him last Mother's Day, but that doesn't count;) Casey made a card that they both "signed" -- Sawyer actually colored on it, but Casey held the marker in Dayton's hand, haha. He also made me a slideshow of the 2 of them and I also got a gift certificate to my favorite nail salon! We went to Mother's Day lunch with Casey's parents and then a movie just the 2 of us that evening. 

Here's my cutie pie from the last month…
loving on his momma ;)
Dayton was added to the mix!! 
top picture is from April 2011, bottom picture from April 2013 :)
sissy covered me in stickers… 
sweet sibling time 
Dayton's 1st Mother's Day (outside of the womb, haha)!
Playdate with Ginni & Mathis!
These 2 are going to be good buds. Only 4 months apart.
1st time to try rice cereal! 
1st time to swing!
Such a FUN age! Casey and I have always said that our favorite "baby stage" is around 7-10 months. He is getting close to that and I am super excited! He is already becoming so interactive and it is a lot of fun! Bring on the summer!!!