Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't Laugh Too Hard...

Yep, that's me.

Playing golf.

You can laugh a little. Casey does.

I got clubs for Christmas. This was my first time trying them out! My mom lives on a little 9-hole, par-3 course and Casey and took the ole clubs out for a spin! I will say, at first, it was so funny even I laughed. I kept missing the ball. Over and over. And over. But after a while, and you can even ask Casey, I got better! There were 2 holes where I even "tied" Casey…however, he definitely wasn't trying very hard. But still! I was proud. I plan to take lessons this summer if I can squeeze them in my busy schedule. We'll see!

Restaurant Review

A couple of Fridays ago Casey & I went to Blue Goose on Greenville! It was our first time, and I had heard really good things from one of my co-workers. I have to admit, we were a little disappointed. I liked it just fine, but Casey wasn't a huge fan. It doesn't matter though, we don't require a great restaurant to have a good time! ;)
A cute dress I recently got at Target - I've found lots of cute, inexpensive dresses there lately! :)
Casey & I on our date! :)

14th Annual Micah Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament

On April 24th Casey put on the 14th annual Micah Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament at Buffalo Creek to raise money for c|Life's youth group! This year the tournament raised $17,000! That was a big increase over last year! I even had some fun at this tournament, but I was not playing golf. Instead, I got to drive around a golf cart and at the 9th hole I asked each team if they would like to "buy a drive" and take their first shot a lot closer to the hole for $20 a team (also part of the fundraiser). Another cool part of this golf tournament is the silent auction! Casey and I won a portrait session with Jared Rey, a photographer that Casey went to high school with and that we now go to church with. We're very excited about this because many of our friends at church have had their pictures done with him and they are very good!

Let me leave you with the 1st place winners at the golf tournament and the tournament host (Casey)!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rock The TAKS - Check!

The Friday before the big TAKS week our school had our 2nd annual Rock the TAKS day! I did a much better job with my rocker costume this year!

  • Pants with holes - Forever 21
  • Crazy shirt with dress hanging off of it - Forever 21
  • Diva ring - Forever 21
  • pink hair pieces - Hot Topic
  • fish net gloves - Hot Topic
  • dangly star earrings - Wal-Mart (from last year's rock day)
  • super cute shoes - already had!

 Here are a couple of pics from the day!

Oh, and did I mention my kids truly rocked the TAKS?! Out of 67 students - only one did not pass! That makes for a 98% passing rate!! Also, out of that same group, 47% of them got commended (a grade of 93% or higher)! I was ecstatic when I received the results and so were they! Now we're just counting down the last weeks of school. Only 5 kiddo days left and 6 teacher days altogether! Hope everyone is having a great end-of-school time! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Invisible Children

A few Sundays ago c|Life had Invisible Children there for the entire service. It was amazing. The people of Invisible Children are amazing. They are an organization started by 3 guys that went to Uganda in 2003. Since their documentary they have traveled the world raising support and awareness for the child-slaves that are forced to go to war for Joseph Kony - the head of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army). They raise awareness and ask people to ask the US president to pass a bill to stop Kony.
The bill passed congress this month and hopefully this will all be ended soon! Another thing Invisible Children does is raise money for children to go to school. Many of the children don't get to go to our type of high school and only 1% of girls get to go to university, as they call it.

Here is a picture of me with Lillian, a young girl from Northern Uganda here to spread awareness of the child-sodiers under Kony's rule.

This girl is truly inspiring. I hope everyone gets the chance to hear from an organization as neat as Invisible Children. If you are interested, please let me know - I have several CDs you can have or borrow!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Italian Delight!

A couple of weeks ago Casey & I got all dressed up to go to Zanata's in Rockwall. It is one of the best Italian re-makes I've ever been to. Their soppresetta bruschetta is just like the amazingness I had at the Agriturismo La Pievuccia that I stayed at for a month in Italy. It is soooo good. The gorgonzola cheese is very strong, though, so be warned. Casey and I shared the mac-a-roni pizza -- it doesn't really have mac-a-roni on it -- it is named after their sous-chef Mac! Haha! The pizza has sausage, jalapenos, pepperoni, mozzarella, sauce, & red onion. It is greatness!
Here am I showing off my new dress from Target! Good deals there!
Here I am with my great husband who likes to go out on fun dates! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty Ladies

I have really been enjoying my monthly Pokeno nights with my fun girlfriends! We had our 7th pokeno at my house in April and it was a lot of fun! Lauren & I co-hosted, which was great because we had the biggest group yet--9 girls! Here is a photo that Casey captured for us when he was allowed out of his room! :) (He spent most of the evening at the gym playing basketball).
Alycia, Melody, Kristen, Jenna, Lauren, Laura, and Cristina on the back row and Ginni & I on the front

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Sisters

My sister-in-law, Stephanie, has her birthday on April 23rd and mine is on April 2nd, so we had a joint birthday party at Ghengis Grill and then an after-party in her backyard! We played lots of duck, duck, goose with the fam and Caleb. Caleb did not understand that you are supposed to run around the circle so most of the time we chased him around the entire backyard. Good times! Here's a picture of Stephanie & I with our cookie cake! We turned 24 and 30! Woo hoo!
Happy belated-birthday to us!