Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

While I was glad that I didn't have to go to work today, I kind of wish the ice had held off until next week. We have dNow this weekend, so Casey went into work at 10:30. I also would have slept in longer if he hadn't gotten a phone call at 8:50 this morning. He got up and talked and then got ready, so I got up to eat breakfast with him. If that hadn't have happened, I bet we would have slept in till at least 11! I did take a nap or two this afternoon, but kept waking up sweating. I hate that! What is that about?

Anyway, I am thankful for my day off; I just wish I had someone to spend it with! Or...if I hadn't already finished the Twilight series. Today would have been a perfect day to just read. But I am not currently reading anything.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am.......


Monday, January 26, 2009

Random blog full of nothing worth reading...

So....This week Casey is basically a stranger. He is so busy and it leaves me with some extra time. I know what you're thinking...why don't I help him with something? Well, he doesn't want my help! Ha ha. No, I'm just kidding. There just isn't anything for me to do at night....I don't work at the church and he is a bit of a control freak, so if I were to help, he would want me to be at his beck and call. And I can't be. Because I work during the day. And that makes me no good. Ha ha.

I could go with him to his Monday night youth CG (community group) that he teaches in Forney, but my mom always comes over on Monday nights while he is gone. We use that as our time together while Casey is away :) She helps me clean. It's greatness. Laura has been coming over on Monday nights with little Aubrey, too. I love that because I love to hold that little girl! It's my fix to keep me from wanting kids before Casey does. I'll just go take care of Aubrey if I get the itch :) Ha ha.

On a realllly happy note! I get to wear jeans and tennis shoes tomorrow! Woo hoo! If you are teacher that has to dress up a decent amount, then you understand why I am reveling in this! Here is how it happened: The weather system in Forney told us that there was probably going to be some ice tomorrow...last time there was ice on the roads I landed in a ditch on the way to school and 2 teachers slipped in the parking lot and hurt themselves pretty badly. So, our awesome principal came over the intercom and said, "All teachers get to wear jeans and tennis shoes to school tomorrow!" When I went to the office to clock out, I saw her and asked her why we got to wear jeans. She told me that she knew she was going to stand outside in the freezing rain and ice and wanted to wear jeans in case she fell down! Ha ha. So, we all get to :) Yea! Casey was laughing at me for acting like this is the highlight of my is sad, but it is the highlight. That's just a teacher's life. Oh well :)

Watching the Bachelor right now....drama drama drama. Always makes for good television though :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Still Loved It...

So, we saw Twilight last night. I went with my husband Casey and my best friend Laura. Laura has read Twilight and part of New Moon and Casey has not read any of them. Needless to say, Casey was a little bored.

Going into the movie, I had really low expectations. I knew that it was a low budget film, and I knew that movies are rarely anything like the book and never quite what you had imagined. Because of this, I liked the movie a lot.

Laura on the other hand said that she thought it was going to be really good because it was such a big deal. She did not know that it was low budget, and so she did not like it nearly as much. She thought it was awkward, cheesy, and said it didn't flow very well.

I do agree with the awkward cheesiness at times. When Edward picked Bella up and started running up the mountain and climbing the trees, I gotta tell you I laughed out loud pretty hard. There were a couple other parts portrayed that I thought were extremely funny after having read the book.

All that said, I still loved it, and I think I am going to go see it again (maybe even by myself so I can really enjoy it, haha)! I also can't wait for the next movie to come out in 11 months! Woo hoo!

Yay for Twilight!


Mine & Casey's next free night is Friday, February 6th. We are booked solid for the next two weeks. It is practically insane. And it is all disciple now's fault. Don't get me wrong, we both love disciple now, but it takes up our life for a while. For the past 4 or 5 Saturdays (Casey's one day off) Casey has been working for several hours calling kids for Dnow. I wish I could help more with Dnow, but to be honest, it takes all of me to stay afloat as a first year teacher. I had no idea how exhausted I would be after work. I don't even do any work at home. I just try to get as much done at school until I am mentally exhausted and full and then I go home. I feel like a bum at home because I just feel like crashing. I don't feel sleepy, just mentally tired. Kiddos take a lot out of you...they don't even realize that following the rules would help me tremendously. I feel bad for the teachers I had in middle school. Bless their hearts.

Here is our schedule for this week:

Today-3 services at CLife (I only went to the 11 o'clock, but Casey went to all 3 like usual); Casey is decorating for Dnow starting as soon as the 4:3o service is over...I bet he gets home around 9.
Mondays-Casey is home for about one hour after work until he leaves for his youth CG in Forney. He gets home around 9:15 and we go to sleep at 1o:30
Tuesdays-We have our CG. We leave our house around 6:30 and get home about 9. I also have a two hour meeting after school once a month on Tuesday.
Wednesdays-Casey stays at church all day until after Momentum. He usually gets home around 9:30. I go to this sometimes.
Thursday-This Thursday we have our Dnow kickoff! We are having a Hypnotist come to the church-always really funny. (Thursdays are usually our first free night of the week, but not this time!) Casey will probably not get home until really late (maybe 1am) because they spend this night putting all the kids into houses for Dnow.
Friday-DNOW starts! Chaos begins :) Also, this is Casey's 26th birthday, but we won't be able to celebrate for about another week.
Saturday-DNOW all day
Sunday-last day of DNOW; 3 services; Super Bowl Sunday
Monday-youth CG in Forney again
Tuesday-our CG from 630-9
Wednesday-Momentum, Casey home around 9
Friday-SECOND FREE NIGHT! WOO HOO! I am taking Casey out for his birthday (it's a surprise where...he doesn't know and he won't read my blog til then cuz he's so busy! haha!:)

We love Disciple Now! It is super fun! It is also super tiring, and I can't wait for it to be over! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Twilight Tonight!

I'm seeing Twilight tonight and I am super excited! I am pretty sure I will reread the first book after this movie :)

I am trying not to get my hopes up because I know there is no way to make a movie anywhere as good as your imagination can make a book that you are reading. The characters won't be like I imagined, and I know that this was a low budget film and cannot possibly be as good as the book. Nevertheless, I am very excited to see it!

Meet the Cullens!

Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper.

Alice, Emmett, Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presidential Respect

The past week and a half my students and I have talked a lot about Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr....

Having gone to a private school full of white people, this has been the very first time that I have really thought about the impact of Martin Luther King on our country. Now that I teach a very diverse group of students I can see the impact that it has made on them. They can see a potential for their lives that boys and girls like them could not see in the 5o's or 60's and before that. The fact that we just elected our first black president speaks volumes to them. Regardless of political party, electing the first black man as president, having his 2 little girls in the White House, one of them the same age as some of my students is very powerful. I just love that we are a step closer to showing them that they are capable of anything.

I had my kids right a paper tying in Martin Luther King Jr. and yesterday's inauguration. A lot of them wanted to read their papers out loud. I felt overcome with emotion when I read some of them. I think they really get how important Obama's election is, and most of them aren't even "for" him (or their parent's aren't).

While I had opposing feelings about Barack Obama before he was elected, I very much respect him because he is our president. I had a long talk with my students on voting day...we talked about how once a new president is elected, we don't have to agree with what he believes or what he does, but we should respect him because he is our president. Our leader.

Our 44th president.

Monday, January 19, 2009


New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.

I love them all. I can't help it. I thought I would be an exception. What was I thinking? I was very wrong. Apparently, I am just like all the teenage girls out there. I am not past that. It does make me feel better to know that there are tons of grown women at my school that have read and are obsessed, too.

I started Twilight over the Christmas break, but only read about 40 pages because I was so busy. I had no idea what I was missing. I wasn't deep enough in the story yet, so I could still put it down.

Monday that I got back to school (January 5th), I started reading it again. I read like a madwoman those 5 nights after school until I finished on Friday (the 9th) afternoon. Then I read New Moon starting Friday (the 9th). I finished it on Sunday (11th) afternoon. I got Eclipse that same night and finished it on Wednesday (14th). I got Breaking Dawn on Wednesday night and finished it on Saturday (the 17th)--it was 800 pages, so that was quite the feat! I started reading Midnight Sun yesterday (the 18th) (it is the unofficial 5th book that is only online because it got leaked) and finished it today (19th).

Needless to say, my life has been full of nothing but Edward and Bella. Casey told me that he felt like he hadn't seen me in a while. I looked at him like he was crazy and said, "I have been sitting right next to you!" He replied by saying, "you're there, but you're not really IN THERE." I thought that was really funny.

It's not funny anymore. I told Casey that now that I am done reading I feel like my friends have died. Sometimes I feel like picking up one of the books and rereading just to know they are still there. But, because I am not a crazy person, I refuse to do that.

I think you all know that I am crazy though...based on this post.

I certainly feel crazy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to School Jitters

This post will be a depressing post because.....................

I have to go back to school tomorrow. :(

I did not know I would be THIS bummed about having to go back. I really enjoyed my break, but I almost feel like I would be less sad if I had never had the break, haha. I just got use to sleeping in and having fun. I think that the main reason I am not looking forward to going back to school is because I have my evaluation this week. It is called PDAS, and the principal comes in and watches you teach for 45 minutes. My principal has made it very clear to all of us that she will be in there the entire 45 minutes. I just get so nervous to teach in front of adults...especially when they are writing down what you are doing. :( I don't get nervous at all when I am teaching the kids and the principal walks in unannounced, it is just something about knowing that she is coming in and evaluating me that makes me cringe.

Oh well.

Thus is adult life.

And I am an adult now,

unfortunately :)