Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daddy's Day!

Casey's 2nd Father's Day was a lot of fun! We went to eat at Brady's Burgers after church (we had a $25 gift card! Hey-O!) and he opened his present from Sawyer & I. I made him a cute homemade card with a picture of him and Sawyer (my last picture of them both looking at the camera and smiling was from Easter! haha. I think pregnancy has made me a little more lax about picture taking than I use to be;) Inside the card he found 2 tickets and a parking pass to a Friday night Ranger's game (the only night they do fireworks)! He also got a new pair of sunglasses. The boy is kind of obsessed with sunglasses right now. He goes through spurts of what he likes…last year for his birthday he was obsessed with shoes and got 3 pair (all athletic or basketball types) and right now he has 3 pair of sunglasses. Kind of funny. Sometimes he gets obsessed with gadgets and it ends up being a digital Christmas for him. Anyone else get on kicks like that? I think it's funny and kind of cute. :) He's still like a big kid! Haha!
Here are a couple of picture's of Daddy's Day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sawyer at 13-14 months old!

Sawyer is growing like a weed! I haven't done an update about her since her 1st birthday so it's been a little over 2 months! Since then she has gotten several more teeth, started walking (May 30th - 13 months old), eats a lot more different foods, and says a lot of new words (momma, daddy, ball, dog, uh-oh, bye-bye, hi, bottle, and working on hat, cat, and diaper)! She is picking up on things so fast. She dances to music, points to her nose, brushes her hair with brushes and combs, knows to put bows in her hair, points the remote at the tv, talks on the phone (real and fake phones), carries bags and other objects on her arm like a purse, runs to us and gives us big hugs when we stretch our arms out, and sort of blows kisses. :) She loves being tickled by her daddy and will laugh and play with him for hours. She likes getting on the couch or our bed and bouncing around and playing.

She waves at people and strangers constantly. We'll be pushing her through the mall and she'll start smiling and waving at people. When they wave back or say something to her she gets very excited and starts squealing at them. I have never seen a more social baby and others comment on that all the time as we'll. It really never gets old.

Sawyer likes going to church and staying in the nursery, playing with the little boys I keep, and she adores her cousin Caleb (6 years old). She loves her grandparents and has fun getting in their drawers and cabinets. She has taken very well to swimming and will even wear her sunglasses when it's bright out. She loves her stroller and if its sitting out she will try to climb up into it or whine until we put her in it. She loves going for walks and watching Lucy run around wild. She will point at her and said "dog." Every morning after breakfast I put Sawyer down and tell her to let Lucy out of her crate and she immediately walks over, pulls the blanket off, and unlatches the lock. I always clap and say "Lucy's hero!" and she claps, too. She adores Lucy and will lay her head on her, pet her, and play tug of war with Lucy's toys. She sticks her hand out for Lucy to lick and then giggles. She also likes feeding Lucy off of her high chair… we're trying to break that habit though. :)

I keep telling everyone this is my favorite stage of Sawyer's so far, but also the hardest because she always wants to be down and walking around so that makes restaurants and other people's houses a little difficult. She's super cute during this stage and extra sweet. I love watching her walk around in her new shoes with her new little pony tail. She can also throw a good ole fashion tantrum - this is kind of a new development…started around her first birthday, but really went into full force the last few weeks (mainly since walking). We are trying to think of things to not just deter her from tantrums (mainly just loud crying when she doesn't get her way), but of ways to let her know that's not okay. Disciplining a 1 year old is hard work. I can only swat or squeeze her hand so many times in a day. I really need to develop a time out spot or something. But then what about in public? Any suggestions/ideas from parents with well-behaved children are gladly accepted and appreciated :) I have read the second BabyWise book which deals with her age, but the main thing in their is swat/squeeze hand and remove from situation to her bed. I do those things and both work pretty well, but I'd like some additional options for when I'm in public and/or the hand thing isn't working. :) She is actually a very tender child and when you talk to her in a stern voice that makes her little lip quiver and tears start flowing. I know I can use that to my advantage, but I never want to make her think I am mad at her and at this age I think it is hard for her to decipher between me being mad, and me not wanting her to do the action she just did. Make sense? We have some very funny stories about the first few times we said "no" and she burst into tears…We have never yelled at her, but just said it sternly and it is almost comical (at the same time sad) at how quickly that hurts her little feelings. It's sad, but at the same time cute. I am thankful for a tender child who doesn't appear to be strong-willed like her father and I. ;)

I love you sweet, Sawyer Grace. If you ever look back and read these posts I hope you can see how much your parents love you and want the best for you. :)

Here are some pictures and videos from the last 2 months! :)

Sawyer's 1st year video shown at her bday party
learning to walk...
puppy love with the twins I keep 2 days a week:)
2nd time to go to the zoo!
 first ride on the carousel!
 first pony tail!
Sawyer's 1st steps:) (of at least 8 or so in a row)
Sawyer reading:)  
Sawyer's 1st time in the Chick-fil-A playground!

Monday, June 18, 2012

ABC's of Lately

A is for Austin.  We just got back from a weekend trip to Austin to hang out with Casey's friends from college (and my friends, too! I've now know them for as long as I've known Casey, minus 2 weeks.) We had a fun time hanging out, swimming, and catching up!

B is for baby #2. We have our next doctor appointment set for July 16th and are really hoping to find out the gender that day as well! Still trying to think of a creative way to tell friends & family…not sure I'll do the gender reveal party again, so I'm trying to come up with something new and fun!

C is for Casey. Sawyer & I are so lucky to have him as husband and daddy. We tried hard to make his Father's Day extra special. Seriously, it was as if Sawyer knew - she was extra sweet and extra "Daddy's Girl" for him. :)

D is for doctor. Sawyer had a pretty big fall out of her high chair--it's actually a booster seat in the regular chair of our kitchen table, which is a pub table, so that means a tall chair:( Not good. It ended with a very bloody nose, mouth, and bruised forehead. We took her straight to the doctor hoping that we wouldn't be sent to the ER. Fortunately, we weren't. They checked each one of Sawyer's teeth, her nose, and asked us a few questions about how she was acting. She was fine and happy, but gave us a good scare.

E is for Ezra the Escape.  He recently turned 100,000 miles and really it just made me miss Sally. I got Sally in 2002 with only 7 miles on her and I know it sounds silly, but I always thought I'd get to see her turn 100,000 miles and I didn't. Sad times. Ezra is a good car, but just not the same. 

F is for family & the Fourth of July. We are going camping with Casey's family for the 4th this year and I'm really excited! Casey's parents have an RV that easily holds the whole family (that's 6 adults, 1 kid, 3 babies to be exact! (4 if you count the one in my belly;)) and we've only taken advantage of going with them once and that was before we were even married! The night of the 4th we'll see fireworks and then we'll stay another couple of nights. Fun times!

G is for garden. Ours is going wild and I love it! We have about 25 tomatoes and half as many peppers getting huge! I can't wait to pickle some banana peppers and put home-grown tomatoes on my salad! Yum.

H is for Horton. That's my maiden name. I realized when one of my good friends didn't know my maiden name that it is actually very important to me that you know it! I have the book Horton Hears a Who (have had it since I was a little girl) and am just waiting on the elephant and movie to complete my collection. ;)

I is for ice-cream. I crave it like a mad fool when I'm pregnant. Okay, I always crave it, but I just feel more "okay" with eating it regularly when I'm pregnant. Heehee.

J is for Jerry. One of Casey's best friends turned 30 today - kinda crazy, and means that Casey will turn 30 in 7 months!! I'm gonna be married to an old man! ;)

K is for knocked up. It feels like half of the people I know are pregnant right now! Most of them are due sometime before me, and a few right after me. Excited for all of baby #2's playmates! Lots of babies bein' born in 2012!

L is for lobster. Casey is my lobster. *Name that tv show!!* (If you can't, we're probably not that great of friends. Haha!)

M is for masters degree. I am getting mine in counseling and taking 9 hours this summer. I am sooo close to being done, I can almost taste it! I have completed 27 hours of a 52 hour program and after this summer I'll have 9 more (totaling 36!). I am doing my first internship this fall (there are 3 semesters of internships) and am very excited!

N is for nanny. I think most people know that I keep 2 twin boys during the school year, but a lot of people don't know that I am keeping 1 little boy 2 days a week during the summer! I'm like an official nanny. Haha :)

O is for Obama or Oprah? If you had to vote for one of them for president of the United States who would you pick?? I would love to know your answer in the comments section. :) Might be a hard decision for some of you! Ha!

P is for Pets. I'm trying to talk Casey into letting us find a new home for both of ours…I know, it's super sad, but I really don't want to overwhelm myself anymore than I have to when baby #2 is born. I remember how stressed Lucy made me in the first few weeks when we brought Sawyer home. I think poor Lucy is going to get less and less attention and she deserves a lot! She is a very sweet dog. If I could give her to someone for 2 or 3 years and then ask for her back, that is what I would do. Sawyer loves her. (Casey doesn't like Ella, so I know he'll be okay with me finding a new home for her, but that makes me sad, too, and for some reason I can't get rid of just one of them without feeling guilty for keeping the other! Plus, Ella is way less work than Lucy, anyway). Pet owners - please don't hate me. :( I already feel bad about this and will probably take months to make this decision.

Q is for q-tip. Unfortunately Sawyer inherited my super waxy ears. Poor girl.

R is for reading. I haven't been hooked on a good book in a little while, BUT I started a new Bible reading plan on my iPhone in order to read the Bible in a year's time and I look forward to reading each day! Turns out the Bible can hook you, too. How 'bout that?!

S is for shoes. Sawyer got her first pair of "real" shoes (you know, the kind you can actually walk in)! She loves them and will pick them up and try to put them on her feet. Never before had she raised her foot to help me put her shoes on before these shoes. They must be really comfortable, or maybe she just knows they are better for your feet when you walk on hot surfaces. ;) Either way, she likes them and I'm happy with my purchase!

T is for tickle.  Casey tickles Sawyer to death and she giggles and giggles and giggles. It is so stinking cute!!! I need to video it, but every time she gets to giggling I don't want to leave the room to go get the camera! She takes my breath away when she gets like that. Pure joy.

U is for umbrella. A couple of weeks ago I met Alycia in Dallas for lunch at Sfuzzi! We had a grand ole time and about 2 hours in we were wrapping up and ready to head out when we looked outside to see a huge downpour of rain--really it wasn't coming down as much as it was coming sideways. It was more rain than I had seen in a while actually. So we decided to order dessert and ended up staying another 2 hours until the rain was completely gone. I never have my umbrella when I need it, but in this case it turned out to be fun! :)

V is for vision. Television that is! There is nothing on TV during the summer and I hate it! I watched an entire season of 24 and am just waiting to borrow the other seasons from my sister-in-law (hint hint! :) Casey and I enjoy Big Brother and are waiting patiently for July 12th. Ps. we don't have cable or netflix, so please don't start suggesting tv shows that we can't watch - it's mean! :)

W is for wagon. Sawyer loves her red wagon and takes rides around the backyard frequently! Casey pulls her around to water the garden and trees and she waves at me on the porch and smiles. So cute.

X is for x-ray. I'm supposed to go to the dentist next week and always think it's fun to tell them I can't get an x-ray since I'm pregnant! I don't like how often they x-ray my teeth anyway! I've never had a cavity and don't think I need an x-ray every year. They just want my money! haha.

Y is for yawn. I have just not been getting enough sleep lately! Or maybe I'm still extra tired from being pregnant. Either way, I'd like a nap! 

Z is for zoo. We have taken Sawyer to the zoo two times this year and she has loved it both times! I think she is going to be an animal lover for sure. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

Today on my way home from Mesquite I stopped at Sonic to get a drink during Happy Hour. I planned to get a cherry-limeade since it's caffeine-free and I'm not drinking caffeine trying not to drink as much caffeine. While I was waiting in line to order I was thinking about how good the mozzarella sticks sounded with some ranch! But then I thought back to what my doctor said about avoiding fried foods and desserts (super sad he said that because it totally bums me out every time I have dessert). So, anyway, I decided to just order the drink and forgo the yummy mozzarella sticks.

But then, my entire ride home on hwy 30 I thought about those amazing mozzarella sticks and how my cherry-limeade just wasn't complete without them. So when I took my exit home I stopped at the Sonic by my house and order the mozzarella sticks. :) The girl asked me if I wanted a drink since it was Happy Hour and I told her no, but then when I pulled up to the window she asked again and then saw my large Sonic drink in my cup holder and said, "oh, you've already been to Sonic today." I just smiled and said, "yep" and then hung my head in shame.

I have never before stopped at 2 Sonics within a 15 minute period. Until now.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My 2nd Mother's Day

I can't believe I have had a second Mother's Day. Last Mother's Day feels like just a couple of months ago! Last year on Mother's Day Sawyer was 3 weeks old and it was super special because it was also the day she was dedicated at church. I will always remember my first Mother's Day as an extremely special day. This year, my 2nd Mother's Day, I was aware that I was a mother of two! Only a few people knew that at this point, but it was true! Crazy!

Casey gave me a card signed by himself and scribbled on by Sawyer - priceless. 
I also got an adorable "Mommy" charm from James Avery that I wear proudly! :)
No, we didn't eat at Carl's Jr. - although it's in the back of all of my pictures, lol.

My precious family of 3 -- soon to be 4!
Sawyer with her momma and me with mine:) 
Mother & Daughter 
 Opening my card & present
the purple marker scribbles are from Sawyer :)
Being a momma gives me so much joy. I love my baby girl and can't wait to meet baby#2.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby #2!!!

Well, I am way behind on blogging. By now everyone knows the big secret! I am pregnant with Baby #2 due in December!! Today I am exactly 11 weeks along. We are so very excited and blessed! :)

Do you want to know why I am so behind on blogging? It's because if I had blogged 3 weeks ago that I was pregnant my post would have been miserable with horrible pregnancy symptoms tainting my first blog about baby #2... and that's not what I wanted. I was never sick with Sawyer. The worst symptom I had in the first trimester was fatigue and gagging each morning when I brushed my teeth and the occasional gag when someone would bring up Taco___ (fill in the blank: Taco Cabana, Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, Taco Casa… you name it. Those places made me want to puke and that's no different this pregnancy. So weird. I use to really like those places but never really recovered from my aversion to them since being pregnant with Sawyer).

This pregnancy has been totally different so far:
  • I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks earlier than the first pregnancy (this time I found out at 4 weeks 4 days, and with Sawyer I was already 6 weeks 5 days -- can we say I was obviously in denial and surprised with Sawyer?! Haha! Best surprise ever though!) **Random fact - BOTH times I found I was pregnant we ate at Chuy's in Dallas for dinner that night before I took a pregnancy test...not planned, but just random and weird. I guess that's just how much we love Chuy's. :)
  • I got sick fast! For the first week I knew I felt totally normal and fine, but when week 2 hit I was sick as a dog for about 10 days. I was a useless person, seriously. My mom even came and got Sawyer for me and kept her overnight once. Casey probably thought he was married to a paraplegic as little as I got off of the couch, and I was constantly telling him that the baby hated me and was trying to kill me. Haha.
  • I 've thrown up. :( I went the entire 38 weeks with Sawyer without throwing even once. NOT the same with this little baby. He or she likes to make me sick!! (By the way, I really really dislike throwing up.)
  • I'm not worried and feel completely chill. With Sawyer I was always worried that something would be wrong and would get all anxious before every doctor's appointment worrying that she wouldn't be okay or something. This time, I feel like a pro. Haha! I know I'm not a pro, but seriously, I did this all recently so it doesn't feel new to me at all. I actually felt like I had just seen Dr. Payne and like I had never stopped going to my monthly visits with him (even though I hadn't seen him since June 2011). 
  • I am more tired. I think? I remember being really tired with Sawyer, but this time is different because I can't just come home from work and lay on the couch and sleep in til noon on the weekends. I have a toddler now and she wakes me up bright and early around 7am everyday and doesn't allow me to lay on the couch from 5pm-9pm like I did when I was pregnant with her. ;) I really felt like a bad momma during the 10 days that I was super sick because I know I wasn't giving her as much attention while I laid in the floor and she played around me…and I know I left her in bed too long after naps when I was also napping and didn't get up as soon as she woke up. But I am feeling much better now and am SO enjoying this stage with Sawyer now because she is ADORABLE. If you don't believe me, just come over for 30 minutes and watch her walk around the house and say "ball" and "dog" and "uh oh" and clap when you smile at her. She melts my heart daily.
  • I don't care if I have a boy or a girl. Um, if you knew me well when I was pregnant with Sawyer you remember that I was not shy about saying that I wanted a girl. A few people actually made me feel guilty for caring so much and said "you just need to pray for a healthy baby" and DUH, I prayed for a healthy baby, but don't ask me if I want a boy or a girl if you don't want my honest answer! I'm nothing if not real. Come on, people. I didn't say I wouldn't have loved a boy--I would have loved a boy just as much! But I preferred a girl and so did Casey. I really don't think there's anything wrong with having a preference (but that's just my opinion, and well, this is my blog:). I wouldn't have cried or been unhappy with a boy. And this time I have so many pros to both genders! I would love for Sawyer to have a little sister so close in age! I would also love to have a little boy that looks just like Casey! (Have you seen his little boy pictures? Because they are A-DOR-A-BLE! Click HERE to see! :) It would be great to have another girl because everything we own is pink (I may not have thought that through, but at the time I wasn't planning on staying at home and thought I'd have plenty of money to buy everything in blue the next time! haha). It would be fun to have a boy and redo a nursery in a cool-non girly way. For some reason I'm most excited about doing a boy nursery because there are so many different options! See? Either way I will be thrilled and Casey feels the same! What a fun time it will be come July or August when we find out! Yay!
Okay, so down to some stats/dates (Y'all know I must blog the details)…
  • We found out on April 24, 2012 (which also happened to be Sawyer's due date one year ago, so that's cool and I'm sure I'll always remember the date!)
  • We went on a celebratory dinner to Twisted Root on April 26th
  • I told Ginni on April 27th because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut any longer and I was in a car with her for hours on end! haha! (Casey wasn't happy with me:)
  • I told Rachel April 28th (she was in town and also pregnant so again, I couldn't wait! ;)
  • We told Casey's parents on May 1st with a cute shirt that Sawyer wore that said "I have a secret… I'm going to be a big sister!"
  • We told my grandparents and uncle on May 3rd with the same shirt
  • We told my mom on May 6th with the same shirt
  • I told Laura on May 9th at Chick-fil-A with the same shirt
  • We told the church staff on May 11th at the Catalyst Conference while everyone was together in one place
  • We had our first doctor's appt on May 15th and found out I was 7 weeks and 4 days along
  • We told my dad, Casey's sister, Lauren, & several other friends on May 15th after the sonogram
  • We put it on Facebook on May 19th
  • We told our CG on May 21st
  • We are due on December 27th! (Keep in mind that Sawyer came 10 days early all on her own…maybe this baby will do the same and we'll be home as a family of 4 for Christmas!)
Now for some pictures!!
Awkwardly holding the pregnancy test as proof…haha (4/24)
Celebratory Dinner at Twisted Root (4/26) Please excuse that I'm not wearing a lick of makeup…these are not flattering pictures or good angles of me, but at least Sawyer looks cute:)

Telling Mimi & Poppy! (5/1) My intention was to get a picture with everyone when they saw Sawyer's shirt, but sadly I did not. That's what happens when you're super sick. All plans quickly go out the window!

Telling Laura at Chick-fil-A (5/9)
Celebrating my 2nd Mother's Day as a mother of "two" (5/13)
Trying hard to get some cute pictures of Sawyer to announce it to the world! It was our most difficult photo session yet, and ended with a very wrinkly sonogram picture. Haha!


  Alright! That's all folks! Hopefully I'll start to blog more than once every 6 weeks! ;)