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Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Week 1

I have been interested in trying Advocare for a while now, but the stars aligned when I got money for graduation (from my parents & Casey's parents!!) and the new year began! I love to make new year's resolutions, so I figured what better time to start a 24 day challenge?! I purchased my 24 Day Challenge through my friend Rachel who started the challenge the same day as me and is also my accountability partner! We have texted most days to see how the other one has done. That helps me a lot! We are also apart of a Facebook group with other people who are doing the challenge.

On Sunday, January 5th, I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies at the grocery store so that I would have plenty to snack on. I soon realized that I was going to need much more than that because pretty much nothing in my house was healthy or acceptable! We are very on-the-go eaters and Casey does not like much of anything that is green or fresh, ha ha. I could be fine eating mac-n-cheese for every lunch and cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries is my fav!) for breakfast AND dinner! Because we both work several nights a week, there's not many meals that we sit down and eat together. And most weekends we eat out, so that's been a big change this week, too!

Day 1:
  • I woke up excited to start my challenge and then…I made the Fiber Drink we are supposed to drink days 1-3 and 8-10. Oh. My. Gosh. That thing was GROSS! I had no idea what to do to make it better on that first day so I just spooned, yes I said spooned it into my mouth. It was as thick as applesauce, but it didn't taste good. At all. Sawyer saw me eating/drinking it and asked me if she could have some. I let her try it and she said "Momma don't drink that. It doesn't taste good." Ha ha ha ha ha…
  • After I finally got the Fiber Drink down, I drank some Orange Mandarin Spark. Orange isn't my favorite flavor, but after the Fiber Drink it tasted like Heaven!
  • For breakfast I had a scrambled egg and was too full to eat anything else.
  • I worked out legs/butt and ran that day!
  • For lunch that day I ate with my mom & the kiddos at Chipotle wear I got lettuce, black beans, chicken, tomato, pico, and hot sauce (no rice, cheese, sour cream, or chips) with water with lemon.
  • I had a snack of fruit when I got home.
  • For dinner I took the Omegaplex pills and then ate grilled chicken and veggies (bell pepper and zucchini with season all) with water.
  • I did not have an evening snack.
  • I drank plenty of water on my first day - probably 60 oz. or more
  • I took the Herbal Cleanse pills at bedtime.
Day 2 was a bit more tricky because I worked 12 hours and didn't adequately prepare the night before.
  • I mixed my Fiber Drink with Orange Mandarin Spark this day and it was ooooohhhh so much better!!
  • I drank plenty of water all day long
  • I had a scrambled egg for breakfast…I know I was supposed to have more, but I was in a hurry and also super full from the Spark/Fiber Drink
  • I went to Jason's Deli for lunch and got the Salad Bar! It was amazing because I sprinkled lemon juice over everything and also some banana pepper juice. I love salad's but also love salad dressing so I was kind of dreading it, but the peppers and also olives gave the salad enough kick! See my picture? It looks yummy to me even now!
  • I had a small snack of Mangos covered in whole grain oats and fat free yogurt.
  • I drank a second Spark that day - I needed it because I worked til 9pm!
  • I had a meal replacement shake for dinner because I had back-to-back clients in the evening and no time to eat.
  • I didn't have an evening snack.
  • I took my Omegaplex caplets before bed
Day 3
  • I made a massive fruit smoothie with 2 bananas and 10 strawberries for breakfast and mixed the Spark and Fiber Drink in with that to mask the taste - it worked!
  • I didn't have a morning snack
  • I did drink a second Spark
  • I had tuna with lemon juice and pickles for lunch on whole wheat crackers
  • I had celery and raw peanut butter for an afternoon snack
  • I drank a meal replacement shake for dinner
  • That night I forgot to take the Herbal Cleanse caplets before bed :(
Day 4
  • I was sooo glad to not have to drink the Fiber Drink this day!!
  • I took the Probiotic Restore Ultra pills 30 minutes before eating
  • I ate a scrambled egg for breakfast & fat free greek yogurt with strawberries and drank a Spark
  • I didn't have a morning snack OR a second Spark
  • I ate at Jason's Deli again and got the same salad without dressing
  • Drank plenty of water all day long
  • I had apples and mango in dried whole weat oats and yogurt as a snack
  • I worked out for the 2nd time this week - arms, shoulders, abs, & running
  • I took the OmegaPlex with dinner
  • I had a yummy dish of brown rice, shrimp, garlic, spinach, red bell pepper, and squash! So tasty!
  • I did not have an evening snack
  • I forgot to take my Herbal Cleanse caplets for the second night in a row :(

Day 5
  • Day 5 was a lot easier because we were all 4 home together! 
  • I took the ProBiotic pills before breakfast
  • For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs, 3 grapes, 2 strawberries, and 3 apple slices with raw peanut butter with a spark
  • I went straight to workout after my breakfast! I ran, did legs/butt and abs - total of 3 workouts for the week
  • I had a second spark after my workout
  • I didn't have any daytime snacks
  • I ate tuna with lemon juice and pickles on whole wheat crackers for lunch
  • I drank plenty of water all day
  • I took my Omegaplex with dinner
  • We made yummy shish-ka-bobs for dinner! They had pineapple, grilled chicken, green bell pepper, red potatoes, and fresh green beans as a side! Best dinner yet!!
  • I had yogurt & oat covered mango for "dessert"
  • I had plenty of water all day :)
  • I FINALLY remembered my Herbal Cleanse caplets before bed!!!
Day 6
  • I took the ProBiotic Pills before breakfast
  • I drank a Spark and had a whole lotta fruit for breakfast! I was at Ginni's birthday party and it was super super tempting because there was a bunch of sweets, and that's my sweet spot! But luckily there was a lot of good fresh fruit :)
  • I didn't have a snack or a second Spark
  • For lunch, I had sushi with brown rice - Yum! I'm starting to mix it up a little.
  • I had a small glass of 1% milk and a Muscle Milk protein bar as a snack
  • I took Omegaplex with dinner
  • We ate dinner at Mi Cocina for Ginni's 30th birthday and it was tempting, but I managed to not eat chips or salsa! Yay! I got Tilapia with veggies and beans and it was good!
  • I didn't have a snack and I actually remembered to take the Herbal Cleanse caplets!
Day 7
  • On day 7 I drank a Spark and had a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast at church :)
  • We took Casey to the airport so for lunch we ate out - I had turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato, and banana peppers, with no dressing
  • I didn't have a snack or a second Spark
  • For dinner I took my Omegaplex and had brown rice, shrimp, garlic, spinach, red bell pepper, & squash (again)! 
  • I had the munchies so my evening snack was a Muscle Milk protein bar with a small glass of 1% milk
I didn't cheat at all my first week and I am down 3 lbs!! I cannot believe it! I have more energy and am feeling good. :) Can't wait to see how the next couple of weeks goes. :)

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